TV Advertising Builds Brands that Last

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Let’s just cut to the chase? As it stands today, TV advertising builds brands. Internet advertising does not. There’s little doubt that once a brand is established, the Internet can and does keep the momentum moving forward, but until that point is reached all the banner ads and twitter tweets will do little to ingrain your brand into the psyche of the consumer.

Creating a memorable brand requires more than getting people to talk about your product on a social network. It requires the advertiser to make an emotional connection that television does so well.  Do you honestly think Nike would be the #1 sports brand if it wasn’t for television advertising?  Or would you feel the same connection with a little known insurance company if their AFLAC-ing duck never made its way onto your television screen? 

Sure technology has changed, but the basic rules of effective marketing remain the same. You still need reach and frequency to create most truly memorable brands.  And television advertising delivers both better than anything else out there.

Television has a rich history of transforming everyday companies into household names.  From packaged goods to insurance, from fast food to tires – television has been responsible for creating some of the most memorable advertising icons.

Who can forget …

The Energizer Bunny … Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes … Joe Isuzu … Tony The Tiger … The Michelin Man … Mr. Whipple … Dave Thomas … Mr. Peanut … The Keebler Elves … The Maytag Repairman … The Geico Gecko … Charlie The Tuna … Ronald McDonald … Mrs. Olsen … Jared from Subway … Clara “Where’s the Beef” Peller … Orville Redenbacher … The Marlboro Man …Colonel Sanders … Pillsbury Doughboy … Chef Boyardee … The AFLAC Duck … The California Raisins … Morris the Cat … The Quaker Oats Man … The Green Giant … Juan Valdez … The Doublemint Twins … The Budweiser Frogs … Rosie, The Bounty quicker picker upper … Aunt Jemima … Mr. Clean … The Verizon Wireless “Can You Hear Me Now” Man … Betty Crocker … The Lucky Charms Elf … The Geico Cavemen

Now, recall just one advertising icon or brand that wasn’t first introduced to you on television.

I’ll wait …


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3 Responses to TV Advertising Builds Brands that Last

  1. beardrs says:

    Tony — Nice post. I agree that the pundits have underestimated TV. A few reasons why: 1) TV viewership is higher today than 10 years ago; consumers are viewing more TV, not less; 2) Advances in understanding the effect of programming context (e.g. program engagement, program genre, program synergy) will make TV even more effective in the future; 3) Early data shows that TV + Web is more effective than either on its own. Digital should be viewed not as a replacement for TV, but a complement. I think these are the real areas of focus for Marketers; not how to migrate to digital, but rather, how to use advanced TV metrics and digital in combination to have more impact than ever.
    Randall Beard

    For my take on John Wanamaker’s classic advertising question, see:’s-question/

  2. Hi Tony – I agree totally with Randall, the combination of TV as a brand-builder and the Internet as ongoing reinforcement are an ideal combination and it is one we use quite frequently in our campaigns. Our clients report back to us direct correlations between massive traffic spikes to their websites mirroring almost exactly the scheduling of the commercials. The TV creates the recognition and status, with the website and surrounding online marketing sealing the deals.

    • tvisnotdead says:

      Hi Tom,
      Thank you for commenting. Although this particular post (and actually my blog overall) mainly focuses on how TV helps to build the brands people know, love and trust, the Internet is very important. The two work hand-in-hand. Unfortunately because the Internet is newer, less expensive and can have quicker measurable statistics over TV, many people are trying to undermind the effectiveness of TV … which is not based on fact. The rules may have changed slightly, but TV is still going very strong and getting results — not only my clients but for every other brand who’s doing it right. At end of the day, it’s not about what we think is cool, but what gets results.

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