TV Advertising Goes Mobile

TV advertising is not going anywhere, just evolving. It’s always been about getting consumers to act, and incorporating the use of today’s smartphone applications is the newest way to bring more
impact to your TV commercials.

According to a study done by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), in 2010, 33% of U.S. households owned a smartphone. With that number estimated to skyrocket to 45% by 2012, advertisers are already starting to adopt the use of mobile applications in their TV campaigns.

Brands like Tide® and Old Navy® have recently integrated the music identification application, Shazam® into current TV commercials. It’s simple too, no typing in long URLs or performing lengthy Google searches. The commercials feature songs, so all the consumer has to do is open up the Shazam® application and let it identify the song playing in the ad. From there they will have options to go straight to that brand’s website, purchase product, etc. With the Old Navy® ad you even have the option to buy the outfit the person is wearing in the ad!

This new trend will not only make TV ads more interactive for consumers, but allow advertisers to more accurately measure the performance of the ads while tracking TV conversions.

Integrating mobile apps into your TV advertisements works well all around – the consumer gets to interact with the ad while the advertisers are able to more easily direct traffic to brands’ websites. Shazam® is just the beginning; as this advertising tactic grows, the variety of applications available for integration will most likely grow as well.

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One Response to TV Advertising Goes Mobile

  1. Perhaps I’m just not down with the cool kids these days (or maybe the UK lags behind) but I fail to see why someone watching TV would spring to their feet during a commercial break, locate their phone, fire up Shazam and hold it up to the TV in order to search an online music database simply to reach an advertiser’s website?

    I’m someone who installs almost every app going and even I wouldn’t bother going to that much hassle when I’m not likely to achieve an outcome any different to simply locating the advertiser online myself. If an ad works on me I just Google the advertiser/product name, and if the advertiser has done the right SEO to reinforce their TV spend their intended page will be the first result returned during the campaign – without a lengthy search or a long URL.

    In terms of tracking the performance of commercials the uplift of a large TV campaign already creates easily identifiable peaks in site traffic that correlate with airtime slots and broadcast regions.

    It seems a bit gimmicky like ‘smell-o-vision’ to me, but I’m always happy to be proved wrong – are there any statistics coming back to support how well these integrations work?

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