Times Are Changing, Are You?

A recent survey of Chief Marketing Officers has reinforced what everyone should already know: TV still works, but not by itself.

In a panel discussion hosted by Fast Company, CMOs all across the U.S., agreed almost unanimously that television advertising is still an important part of their marketing strategies and won’t be going away anytime soon. 

However, with the changing times, comes changing strategies. No longer can any retailer rely solely on television to save the day. 

While TV advertising remains, in my opinion, the single best way to raise brand awareness and pique interest … it must be supported by a vibrant online presence. With more and more pre-purchase research being done online, it’s just plain foolish not to be using TV to steer consumers to your website.

The best TV advertising now integrates online and social media elements, driving consumers to branded web destinations where consumers can actually interact and experience the brand.

This commercial is a good example of how Best Buy is using TV to get people to their website. A website, by the way, that gets nearly a billion hits a year!

Today’s winners are companies, like Best Buy, that understand that in order to compete, they must deliver on both fronts – Offline (TV) and Online. 

Like it or not, the genie is out of the bottle. The way consumers interact with brands today has changed – have you?



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