Consumers More Receptive to Online Ads after Seeing Them First on TV

June 24, 2011

A new study from Innerscope Research and Fox Broadcasting Company has concluded that TV is powerful when it comes to making consumers receptive to brand messages – and it even makes online advertising more memorable.

As most of us know, TV is great for its emotional appeal and its immersive environment allows audiences to be completely drawn into what they are watching. That engagement carries over to advertisements, and allows consumers to create the personal significance required for brand building and equity.

This doesn’t mean that online advertising isn’t effective, but online ads are more effective once the consumer has seen them on TV first. The study determined that television ads across the spectrum of familiarity evoked 38x more emotional engagement than the same brands seen online. Even when the online ad was placed in a relevant environment, for example, an automotive ad placed on an automotive page, engagement was still 30x higher with TV.

However, brand resonance of online ads almost tripled after a brand was viewed on TV first, as opposed to an online ad never associated with a TV ad.

The two media have incredible power when used together: TV for establishing the brand message, and internet for reinforcing that message.